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Admin & Backoffice API

Connect your back office for efficiency and order automation.
Data entry can be not only time consuming but error prone. The more we can get computers to talk to each other, the better the outcome and more accurate the process. The EBIZPLATFORM Admin & Backoffice API creates a direct connection between back office accounting and ERP systems for orders, customers, shipping, inventory and more.

Connect the Back Office

Use powerful and easy to implement RESTful endpoints to bring down new order data and update existing. Append tracking numbers, shipping carriers and provide instant order status updates programmatically.

Real Time Inventory Updates

Keep your customers and partner up to speed on current inventory levels, stock positions and pricing. Avoid embarrassing back orders and missed orders through automating this key process through the Order Management API.

Consolidated Workflows, Multiple Sites

Create new carts and post order data using simple REST and oData standards. Use the order management APIs to bring order data into your ERP and send shipping information back up.

Service the Entire Distribution Channel

Run B2B, B2C and distributed ecommerce from a single endpoint. Leverage a single repository of product content and information into every channel and user experience. Set up special B2B accounts or let B2C customer shop without creating an account.

Flexible Pricing Options

Manage unlimited pricing levels and contracts across all SKUs. Import pricing and availability using obvious and mainstream endpoints on the API. Set sales windows and let the system start and stop based on predefined timeframes.

Safe and Secure

EBIZPLATFORM is 100% located in the Microsoft Azure cloud thus inheriting all security and PCI controls. Your content and data are safe and secure and always up to the latest security standards and best practices.

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