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Customer Center

Combine customer relationship management, call center operations and customer service in a single view.
Let’s face it – even in today’s high tech environment of streamlined payment processes and impersonal customer support phone trees some customers still like to speak to a human. Customer Center offers a single dashboard and launch point for customer service reps and account managers to service their customers the old fashioned way, through a relationship. Call in orders, service inquires, information requests and the like handled by real people using technology… Who’d a thunk?

Phone-In Orders

Enable your customer service reps with an easy and quick step-by-step ordering process to accept orders from customers who would rather call in. Phone in orders convert at exponentially higher rates than normal web orders.

Create Quotes and Carts

Your customer does not want to give credit card information over the phone to a stranger? No problem. Create carts for new customers and send them a link via email that they can complete and pay according to their terms.

B2C and B2B Friendly

Support your consumer direct and B2B customers in the same interface. B2B accounts with special pricing or catalogs are automatically adjusted. Use fitment guides to insure your customers get the right products for their applications.

Bring in External Data

Use configurators and data provided by trading partners and content aggregators in the same interface. Whether you are selling your products or another manufacturer, all orders are made in one place. Use the order management API to bring all order data into your back office.

Disseminate Product Content

Easily handle product questions by leveraging your product content repository. Send links to documents, installation instructions and other product content direct to customers. Log the call to create a customer profile for later marketing efforts.

Log New Leads and Opportunities

Is your customer not quite ready to order? Maybe they just need a sample or had some questions. Capture lead information for sales teams and account managers to follow up on.

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