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Commerce Manager

Manage order workflows, shipping and tax for your complete ecommerce strategy. Create powerful analytic reports.
Simply having a basic ecommerce web site is not enough anymore. With all the different combinations of user experience, channel marketing and trading partners, a successful ecommerce campaign must be able to deliver rich product content in a presentation that customers trust. Beyond that, the brand owner must be able to fill orders efficiently to maximize profit margins. Commerce Manager consolidates all order management and ecommerce settings into a single view which may then be extended to a variety of web sites, syndication methods and experiences.

Consolidated Workflows, Multiple Sites

Capture and manage all order data in a single dashboard regardless of source, account or audience. Use the order management APIs to bring order data into your ERP and send shipping information back up. Capture key performance indicators on checkout effectiveness and shopping cart abandonment.

Real-time Shipping and Tax

All tax rates and jurisdictions are kept up to date automatically. Set your tax nexus and forget it. Rate changes due to legislation and rule changes are updated when they occur. Provide your customers with real time shipping rates or default to a custom shipping matrix tailored to your business rules.

Flexible Pricing Options

Manage unlimited pricing levels and contracts across all SKUs. Import pricing and availability using simple tools in friendly data formats or via the API. Set sales windows and let the system start and stop based on predefined timeframes. Managed subscriptions and auto-replenish programs without any additional effort.

Cover the Entire Distribution Channel

Run B2B, B2C and distributed ecommerce in a single platform. Leverage a single repository of product content and information into every channel and user experience. Set up special B2B accounts or let B2C customer shop without creating an account.

Safe and Secure

EBIZPLATFORM is 100% located in the Microsoft Azure cloud thus inheriting all security and PCI controls. Your content and data are safe and secure and always up to the latest security standards and best practices.

Powerful Analytics

Gain a complete understanding of how your processes and systems are working with statistics and data which continually report on shopping workflows and performance. Identify product laggards and process bottlenecks before they affect the bottom line.

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