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Distributor Portal

Enable dealers and distributors to place and accept orders in your partner network.
Streamlining operations in your distribution network leads to more profitable relationships. When dealers and distributors are more engaged in the process they tend to stock more inventory and move more product. Additionally, by getting dealers and distributors engaged in the ecommerce process, manufacturers and brand owners minimize channel conflict in this day and age where products are sold direct to consumers more frequently. Distributor Portal provides a two-way transactional marketplace where distribution partners can place B2B orders to replenish their inventories as well as optionally fill B2C orders placed in the partner network on direct consumer web sites.

Fresh Content

Using the EBIZPLATFORM product content management and syndication platforms, all content is up to date all the time. In addition, partners may check pricing and availability using simple tools in order to forecast and pre-order replenishments.

Raise Inventory Levels

By including distributors and dealers in the retail channel, they will undoubtedly stock larger inventories. Distribution partners may also use simple APIs and imports to alert the entire partner network of their inventory levels to expand the sum of all inventory.

Reduce Channel Conflict

In the past, distributors and dealers perceived consumer direct ecommerce as threat or even a violation of legacy trading partner agreements. By including them in consumer opportunities, channel conflict is minimized or eliminated.

Streamline Operations

Ditch the old-school B2B ordering processes of faxes and exchanging out-of-match purchase orders. All orders from your distribution network are aggregated in a single order management console and available for download via REST APIs directly into your ERP or accounting system.

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