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Extension Manager

Leverage your product content through syndication partners, data feeds, web sites and API keys.
Channel partners, dealers and resellers require product content in order to effectively represent and sell your products. Problem is, where do they get the content? In time, a network of ill-branded and hardly maintained web sites spring up with inaccurate images, documents and descriptions. Extension Manager simplifies the partner-content challenge by consolidating all content subscribers, API keys and data feeds into a single management experience. Generate syndication tags and API keys for your content and commerce partners, report on consumption and eliminate the compliance burden of distributing product content and product information throughout your partner network.

Extend Your Reach

Give your partners the choice between simple to use JavaScript tags or an oData compliant REST API to gather and consume content on their own web sites. Every change you make to your product content is seamlessly syndicated to all subscribers.

Every Partner is Unique

Customize the scope of the products and content available on per partner basis aligned with their business focus. Run reports on content consumption by individual partner or across the entire syndication strategy.

Easy to Implement

Super low-tech. Provide partners with a simple JavaScript tag with a unique ID and they are off and running. New partners can be broadcasting your content within minutes on any web site using any mainstream content management system or web page.

Partner API

Partners who require a bit more flexibility in their content consumption may call the Partner REST API which will return payloads according to the rules of their subscription. Addition API operations are also available beyond normal content for advanced uses.

Distributed Ecommerce

Enable ecommerce on your partner web sites with the click of checkbox. With this setting visitors to partner web sites will have the option to order products through the syndication program using a branded universal checkout. Partners who may not carry all products in inventory may now essentially drop ship through you, the brand owner, thus expanding their selling power exponentially.

A brand owner/manufacturer may create as many subscriptions as needed. Each partner subscriber has their own subscription ID that controls there viewing permissions and gathers useful analtyic data such as popular products, sales leads and visitor data.

Partner Portal creates a filtered view of the entire syndication program in the lense of the partner. Partners may contol certain aspects of how syndicated content is presented on their web site with little to no technical expertise necessary.
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