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Interaction Manager

Create and analyze interactions through smart email marketing, data mining, cohort discovery and accumulated analytics.
Customers work hard to be specific in their interests. Whether through order history, inquires or field application registrations, they are essentially telling you what they want to hear about. Interaction Manager mines data from all points collected and provides marketing teams with the support and confidence to create mailing lists and profiles based on real customer behavior.

Find Interesting Facts

Through data capture from page views, order histories and abandoned carts, uncover market basket correlations between products, geo-location and application ownership. Cross reference with application field data to build meaningful customer cohorts.

Send Smarter Email

No more blasting a one size fits all message to massive lists that will undoubtedly find the trash folder. Send fewer targeted messages that resonate with customers and prospects based on their purchase history and application enrollment.


Create timely and automated follow ups for key activities such as shopping cart abandonment or product replenishment. Send users to a quick and simple checkout optimized for mobile usage to finalize the sale in the moment on their preferred device.

Data Mining Made Easy

Find correlations between purchases, geo-location and application. Uncover what drives sales and view highly consumed product data in an actionable lense. From there, create automated cohorts to strike on new selling opportunities.

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