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How it Works for Manufacturers & Brand Owners

Accurate and timely content is key to selling more products. Research shows that consumers are looking for new products on a myriad of different devices and channels. Do your partners and customers have the most current and accurate product data to quickly sell and purchase your products?

EBIZPLATFORM Extends Your Product Data Everywhere

Within minutes, your partners and web sites can have the most up to date and accurate content and data to power sales and selection in a variety of formats appropriate for their use. Best of all, when you make updates all subscribers automatically syndicate the latest and greatest in real time into all implementations and subscriptions.

Automated and Easy

Managing new product lines with related documentation, fitment and compliance data can be cumbersome – especially when hundreds of partners use the data everyday to run their businesses. EBIZPLATFORM allows your partners and internal stakeholders to create alerts and automations to get new product data in formats that meet their business needs. Add new SKUs to fit a new make, model and year? No problem, all subscribers are alerted and ready to use the new data immediately.

Import and Manage Your
Content and Data

Use tools and APIs to bring existing content in from legacy sources such as spreadsheets and sources. Create a single source of truth with a repeatable standard to manage and syndicate all product data and related digital assets going forward.

Create Subscriptions for
Partners and Data Feeds

Onboard new subscriptions in seconds. With simple JavaScript, HTML tags or API keys new partners, web site data feeds and other implementations are up an running without the need for any IT support or costly development.

Sell More Products

Great content drives sales. When prospects and buyers can make decisions confidently, more products will sell. Also, by expanding the reach and accelerating the velocity of new updates, your content reach will explode.

Simple by Design

Perhaps the biggest obstacle in content syndication, ecommerce and channel marketing is the onboarding and content sourcing process. Most partners simply do not have the time or resources to participate in programs that require programmers or maintenance. Depending on their needs, partners and stakeholders can subscribe to a variety of delivery models including simple cut and paste content syndication solutions to more complex API integrations. Best of all, once a subscription is set up, the partner can forget about it knowing that any changes made by the brand owner automatically cascade to them. Set it and forget it.

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