For Partners

How it Works for Partners, Dealers & Resellers

In order for partners to sell products, they need content and the related product information that goes with it. Even better, they need simple to use tools that make participation a snap without any information technology overhead. EBIZPLATFORM provides partners with options designed to deliver current and accurate product data, marketing content, inventory and stock information and even accept new orders with minimal effort.

Lower Overhead, Reduce Channel Conflict

EBIZPLATFORM reduces partner overhead and simplifies distribution channels by removing unnecessary steps from traditional manufacturer-dealer models. Rather than force dealers to maintain bloated stock levels in order to participate in online commerce, EBIZPLATFORM uses technology and automation to bring partners into the marketplace without the additional overhead or fulfillment delay by shipping product direct from the manufacturer. In the end, orders are more profitable for both the manufacturer and the partner by removing the need to ship items twice and ultimately discount stale stock positions.

Manufacturers & Partners, Working Together

EBIZPLATFORM expands the number of products partners can sell and how they sell them. Best of all, partners do not have to worry about maintenance or chasing new versions. Through the syndication engine, all new content and updates are syndicated automatically in the format of their choosing. Whether they embed a full brand showcase into their existing site, or rely upon the Partner API to supplement existing selling pages, the most recent and fresh content is always displayed to the shopper.

Create a Subscription

Partners may subscribe to many catalogs and data sets in a variety of formats including JavaScript, CSV and JSON. From simple tags to API keys, every partner can get the data they need, when they need it, according to rules you set.

Copy and Paste or Connect

Each subscription has a unique key which govern permissions, scope and analytic tracking. Once a subscription key is created it receives all updates and changes insuring all subscribers always have the most accurate data and assets.

Sell More Products

Your partners will undoubtedly sell more products when focused on selling instead of maintaining content. Remove the barrier to entry for your partner subscribers to add new product lines and applications to drive new sales.

Expand Your Product Data Reach

When your partners, dealers and VARs can easily implement your latest and most accurate content and data, the reach of your brand and market share grow to new levels. Every partner web site becomes a new source for leads and new sales. Product data transforms from a hassle and expense to asset that can be monetized and measured.

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