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Product Data API

Extend your data as a service to partners, customers and stakeholders. Modernize with a service oriented architecture to accelerate product data consumption.
Good product data is meant to shared. Extending your product data through our Partner Content API removes any and all barriers between your business and your partners. Partner API allows for more customized and complex uses of your product data to power anything from large reseller ecommmerce sites to simple inventory and fitment lookups. For documentation and list of API operations, view our Partner API docs.

REST and oData

The EBIZPLATFORM partner content API was crafted according to modern REST standards. In addition, use oData queries to dig deeper and power external applications with perfect data.

Easy to Implement

Leveraging the power of Microsoft Azure API Management, simple API keys are created granting access to the data stores partners need to thrive. Set permissions on a key-by-key basis to insure partners get everything the need, but nothing more.

Built for Performance

Operations and endpoints are cached to create lightning quick response times. Digital assets are held in a content delivery network (CDN) to insure the shortest path possible between content consumers and important assets in order to maximize performance.


Each data point in the platform can be exposed and consumed to work with any programming language and for any use. Methods and operations are available for even the most complex payloads and configuration needs. Only need a few important tidbits of information? No problem. Got that covered too.
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