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Web Site Manager

Manage web pages, workflow, and web site content. Capture analytics and traffic data. Syndicate content to anywhere.
Content management systems are a dime a dozen these days – each with their own claim that they are easier to use than the other. Truth is, they are all about the same. The EBIZPLATFORM Web Site Manger is different. Rather than create another tool to manage tons of content pages, Web Site Manager is designed to leverage and syndicate your product content into your web sites as well as your partners. Empower your partner network with well-branded and approved content which they can use for promotions, landing pages and the like by simply pasting a tag into their site.

Easy WYSIWYG Editor

Author and edit content in a simple visual interface. Drag and drop images and documents to create compelling visuals without knowing code. Create new pages in seconds and select from pre-defined and responsive templates.

Capture Every Page View

Every move made on your web sites are catalogued for reporting and analysis with geo, browser, partner and client data. View incoming traffic streams in real time to find the ebb and flow of traffic and content consumption. See individual visits in page-by-page granularity.

Multiple Sites, Unlimited Reach

Manage content for many sites on a single platform. Reuse assets, images and artifacts among all sites through the CloudFlare Content Delivery Network and Azure Storage. Edit sitewide settings such as email notifications, Google tags, and more.

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