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Subscriber Portal

Enable partners to subscribe to content and generate new sales. Run reports on usage and consumption.
A typical challenge to a successful partner or reseller strategy is in how to get branded and accurate content into the partner network. Too often, partners will go it alone and create their own interpretation of your product lines with home grown images and descriptions that are not maintained and hardly aligned with your brand strategy. Subscriber Portal extends your product content into an easy to use experience where your partners can download simple tags to cut and paste into their web sites that will seamlessly syndicate content and commerce.

Simple and Low-Tech

Copy and paste simple JavaScript tags into any web page or content management system to bring in product content, images and documentation. Select the scope of syndication to be entire catalogs, categories or individual product pages to fit a variety of site architectures.

New Sales Leads

Partners may optionally activate lead capture forms through the syndication engine. Leads are both emailed to email addresses which the partner can control as well as saved to the database for reporting and conversion analysis.

Easy Reporting

Run web reports, create lead sheets, or download to CSV. Partners have visibility into the performance of their product content syndication campaign and can distribute results to key stakeholders with little effort.

Manage Multiple Subscriptions

Each partner account can have many subscriptions based on catalogs, product offerings, locales and cultures. Each subscription is granularly tracked for performance and effectiveness.


Many styles, fonts and colors are controlled by the host cascading style sheet allowing for partners to adapt the presentation to fit their web site.

Permissions Based

Set an access control list (ACL) to make sure your syndicated assets are only streaming to sites which are defined. Permissions are set on a per partner, per site basis to maximize security and service level agreements.

A brand owner/manufacturer may create as many subscriptions as needed. Each partner subscriber has their own subscription ID that controls there viewing permissions and gathers useful analtyic data such as popular products, sales leads and visitor data.

Subscriber Portal creates a filtered view of the entire syndication program in the lens of the partner. Partners may contol certain aspects of how syndicated content is presented on their web site with little to no technical expertise necessary.
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