Partners to Jumpstart Growth

In today's complex ebusiness ecosystem, partners rely upon one another to share both product content and production information. Just because you do not have access to all product information available for a particular brand, for example, does not mean you cannot sell those products. Many manufacturers have begun to understand the value in syndicating their content assets through simplified configurators and data feeds to broaden their reach and sales.

Product Information Data Feeds and Sources

Standardization of product content has been a hot topic for a few years now. Data and content providers have begun to catch on and offer subscriptions to structured product information in formats easily consumed. Through our import/export features massive content repositories can be constructed by partnering with reputable sources.

Real Time Payment, Tax and Shipping Providers

Based on contracts and agreements you already having in place, offer accurate shipping options to your customers. Accept payments in real time by credit card or PayPal to improve conversion rates. Calculate tax accurately to comply with tax nexus rules and regulations. And, on top of it all, drill into granular GEO-IP data to data mine trends and buying patterns.

Other Integration Partners

In additional to product content and ecommerce systems, EBIZPLATFORM also has successfully integrated with various other systems to add value and best in class functionality to our solutions. In you would like to become an integration partner, please contact us.
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