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Business-to-Business Ecommerce

Sell through your distribution channels using B2B/B2B2B ecommerce portals, punchouts and CPQ engines.
In addition to driving product data to your partners, EBIZPLATFORM powers your B2B ecommerce requirements. Extend your product data into B2B(2B) ecommerce portals, integrated punchout catalogs and offer complex Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) tools to your trading partners and resellers. Enable your partners to place orders, request quotes, look up pricing and inventory and download the latest documentation based on rules you create and manage through the platform.

Catalog Syndication & Punchout Catalogs

Create unlimited catalogs or focus the presentation on just a handful of products or the entire product line. Integrate your distrubtion channel by offering an easy to manage and implement punchout catalogs to partners with existing sales portals. Or, stand up your own B2B or B2B2B portal where your reps, distributors and dealers can collaborate.

Parts Lookup and CPQ

Make sure your customers have access to the most current pricing and availability data so they can make informed decisions. Offer configurators and parts diagrams with ample product data and documentation to back it up. Allow customers to save quotes and order templates to shorten the business-to-business sales cycle.

All the Necessary Features

Our ecommerce capabilities have been revised and improved for nearly two decades including payment processing, taxes, shipping, pricing levels, contracts and order management. Create customer-specific experiences and special stores using complex product data.

Complex Configuration Options

Guide customers through simple to understand questions to arrive at the proper applications of your products. If you offer parts and accessories fitment and accurate application drive sales and bring new SKUs to market faster.

Powerful Search

All part numbers are indexed and clustered to create a powerful predictive search engine with OEM, aftermarket and even competitor part numbers. Extend pricing and availability to all customers to expedite buying cycles.

Multiple Personalities

Sell single variant items, complex configurations, kits, parts lists, assemblies and more from a single management console. Depending on the sophistication of your distribution channel sell B2B to distributors and power B2B2B tools for their customers.

Real World Examples

Aeronatical Accessories CPQ Portal

Getting complex helicopter parts and accessories out to hundreds of resellers around the globe can be a challenge. Aeronautical Accessories CPQ portal allows for B2B ecommerce to take place around the clock creating more frequent and more accurate orders.

Partners and sales reps can collaborate on accounts and pick from accounts they are allowed to work with.
Filter by aircraft and categories to create the perfect intersection of parts and acccessories that fit.
See open shopping carts and quotes and turn them into orders. Reps can create carts for partners who then complete the order.
Quickly lookup inventory and pricing data using our predictive search index. Add parts to carts en masse to expedite checkout.
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