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Sell anywhere through your network of partners and dealers.
Product content drives sales. An easy to use ecommerce experience drives conversion. Taken together, product content and user experience are the key to a thriving ecommerce channel.

Over the years most manufacturers and brand owners have made massive investments into their product content with the goal of growing their ecommerce channel. Problem becomes, how do you create a simple to use and easy to order from web site that services all stakeholders and eliminates channel conflict? EBIZPLATFORM extends into traditional ecommerce strategies – way beyond that which can be crafted using other cookie cutter ecommerce platforms. The deeper and more complete your product becomes over time, the more compelling user experience.

Built for Marketers

Create a vast network of content-rich landing pages for SEO and pay-per-click advertising campaigns. Author smart targets which automatically customize the user experience based on incoming requests and search results.

Powerful Configurators

Guide customers through simple to understand questions to arrive the proper applications of your products. If you offer parts and accessories fitment is key. When a customer has confidence that they have made the right choice, they not only convert at a higher rate but buy more product.

Predictive Search

All product and category content is indexed and clustered to create a powerful predictive search engine. Shoppers start typing and the web site starts thinking based on aggregated meta data and historical order data.

Multiple Personalities

Sell single variant items, complex configurations, kits, sales BOMS, assemblies and more from a single management console. Customizations are also available for special cases all with the same goal of keeping it simple.

Distributed Ecommerce

Syndicate product content and configurators into your partner network empowering them to accept orders to be manufacturer drop shipped. Suddenly the reach of your consumer direct ecommerce channel grows exponentially.

Manufacturer Drop Ship

Enable partners that do not wish to carry inventory to sell your products through a universal checkout process designed spefically for mobile commerce. Reduce costs and overhead by simplifying the fullfillment process.

Real World Examples

AutoSport Catalog

AutoSport Catalog offers thousands of vehicle specific automotive parts and accessories from hundreds of brands from all over the world. The site was designed to create a simple user experience using millions of data points from dozens of sources.

Visit the site at www.autosportcatalog.com

Shoppers can quickly create a custom catalog containing only products that fit their vehicle.
Shoppers may also use the powerful predictive search engine to drill down quickly into categories or products.
Shoppers can customize their selection using color swatches, monogramming and personalization.
Repeat customers can save vehicles to their garage for later shopping sessions. My garage data can also be used identity shopper cohorts for laser sharp marketing activities.
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