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Product Content Syndication

Leverage product content investments into your partner network.
Great product content creates more sales. The more your customers trust the product they are considering, the more likely they are to buy. In order to maintain a robust partner network of distributors and dealers product content must be available, easy to get and up to date. Through product content syndication, this age old problem is easily solved by extending your product content through easy to use solutions that even the least technically savvy partner can implement in minutes.

Syndicated Web Sites

Manage and customize attractive and responsive web sites that can be syndicated into your partner web sites using simple tags and JavaScript. Select from multiple sites and multiple languages.

Always Up to Date

Any change you make to your product content is seamlessly and automatically updated on all subscriber web sites. Once your partner implements their simple partner code they are forever in sync with your product content repository.

Flexible Syndication Options

Syndicate entire sites and catalogs or just specific categories and products. Allow partners to pick and choose how they want to implement the syndicated content and where based on their existing web site architecture.


For those more technically savvy partners, an oData compliant REST API is available for their use. Syndication subscriptions can be via simple HTML tags, powerful API calls, or both.

Granular Reporting

See which partners are syndicating the most content. Figure out which products are more popular than others by partner, geography and even browsing device.

Increase Sales and Capture Leads

By syndicating your product content beyond the limits of your web site to all of your partners, they are sure to make more sales simply based on the quality of the content provided.

Real World Examples


With a partner network numbering in the hundreds, Veritas needed a way to keep all partners on the same page as well as create new sales leads. Through Product Content Syndication, Veritas can make changes in one place, in many languages, and update hundreds of partner sites with the click of a mouse.

Product Content Syndication
Partners may place Veritas content on their sites with a simple JavaScipt tag.
White space lead capture form sends new leads directly to partners.
Syndicated content is broadcast to partners all over the world in multiple languages.
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