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Product Data Management

Getting your product data to market ahead of your competitors will increase sales. Power your product data at the same speed as your innovation.
As product lines expand and evolve, so does the amount of product information and fitment data required to effectively sell. Too often, product information artifacts are stored across many systems with little regard for standards or freshness. In particular when manufacturing complex products that require exact applications such as vehicle or equipment parts and accessories, the chore of managing your product information can be intimidating. Enter EBIZPLATFORM. All your product information, pricing, fitment and related digital assets are found in a single repository - a single source of truth. Even better, maintaining the information is a snap with simple import/export tools and a powerful API.

Fitment and Application Management

Turn millions of SKUs and fitment points into an easy to use application guide. Partners and customers can easily find precise applications of your products down to distinct item features in order to differentiate between like items and purchase the correct products. Add new year, make and model data in a snap.

Powerful Presentation Options

Not all SKUs are alike. Select from multiple product presentation styles to offer your items as stand alone SKUs, parts lists and/or step-by-step configurators. Take the guess work out of selecting items that fit and reduce returns and raise customer satisfaction.

Product Identifiers

Keep track of key data points such as UPC, UNSPSC, OEM part numbers and unique item numbers. Update product information in mass with control groups and stock lists of similar products.

Multiple Currencies, Multiple Pricing Levels

Create unlimited pricing levels in any currency. Create automation rules between pricing levels to manage bulk pricing changes with no effort. Let the platform do the heavy lifting.

Unlimited Features

Apply reusable feature templates across your SKUs to create distinct and interesting information. Fuel configuration engines to guide partners and customers to exact fitment based on the characteristics of the applications.

Digital Asset Management

Warehouse and append assets such as installation instructions, user manuals and data sheets in the same system. Empower your customers to source and use digital assets from a worldwide content delivery network.

Real World Examples

Aeronautical Accessories

In aviation, compliance and documentation is important. All products must contain necessary approvals and assets in order to get the potential buyer to the right parts and accessories based on their requirements.

Visit the site at www.aero-access.com

Customers can jump right into vehicle data or search product information for parts.
Customer can get necessary approval data and model effectivity.
Products can be grouped into assemblies and easily located by function using assembly diagrams.
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