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Product Data Subscriptions

Product data is the fuel that powers ecommerce. In today's multi-channel ecommerce marketplace, robust product data is a requirement to participate.
Managing millions of data points can be a daunting task. Multiply that by many partners, resellers and VARs selling your product and you've got a real challenge in keeping brand standards and data accuracy. Too often partners go it alone and create ill branded and incomplete data in an effort to sell your products. Take the frustration out play and enable your partners and other data consumers to get the most up to date content on their terms according to your standards and rules.

Import, Export and Syndicate

Create application guides and parts lists with discrete attributes that define your product lines in their own nomenclature. Choose from multiple delivery models to provide what your partners need without creating technology barriers to use.

Feed Major Shopping Engines

Create and automate data migration to popular shopping engines and marketplaces including Google Shopping, Ebay and Amazon with every possible combination of product and application fitment. Set it and forget it. The system does it all for you.

Customized Templates & Net Changes

Each subscriber may create export templates with just the data points they need. Even better, avoid exporting an entire data set when only net changes are needed to update existing applications or roll out new SKUs.

Proactive Alerts & Automation

Through settings customizable for each subscriber, set meaningful alerts when new data is added or existing data is modified. Bring new SKUs and applications to market faster by allowing subscribers to focus on actionable updates without unneccesary noise.

Customized and Timely Data Exports


Data portability is essential to keep your product content and information fresh and accurate through all channels. Data shaper uses simple and flexible templates and import tools to encourage partner data exports and timely updates.

Select data points to export and create reusable data templates.
Select from additional attributes tied to the product line as well available in the database.
Preview your data, save templates, and filter by created on or modified date to get net changes only.
Drag new data or updates into the importer.
Map data points from your original dataset to the data shaper.
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