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OEM & Aftermarket Product Configuration

If you manufacture OEM or aftermarket part & accessories, you more than likely have all sorts of data in many formats, all over the place, and need to get it to market, quickly.
A frequent challenge in manufacturing products such as parts and accessories that require fitment and configuration is in creating an understandable and usable data structure. Too often manufacturers of complex product lines create data sources that follow no standards and are difficult for partners to implement. Even worse, many manufacturers are forced to comprimise on their data by forcing in into structures that just do not fit. EBIZPLATFORM empowers manufacturers to create data stardards that not only meet the needs of their partners, but also accurately depict the unique attributes and selling points of their products in a repeatable and structured format for all to use which still take global industry standards into account.

Flexible Schemas & Repeatable Standards

Create data models that fit your products - not product data that tries to fit some sort of rigid and obsolete standard. All product information will accurately define your products down to the most minute attribute in a fully normalized and friendly format.

Powerful Presentation Options

Not all product lines are alike. Select from multiple product presentation styles to offer your items as stand alone SKUs, parts lists and step-by-step configurators. Take the guess work out of selecting items that fit to reduce returns and raise customer satisfaction. Syndicate your configurators to partners and resellers.

Sell More Products Faster

When new configurations, applications and items go to market, your partners need that data to sell. Most sales for accessories are for late model applications. Get the data out in real time and capitalize on selling opportunities.

Several Syndication Options

Empower your partners and dealers to get all new product data and configuration in real time allowing them to sell high-velocity items right away. Use simple tags, data exports or a powerful oData API to meet all partner data requirements.

Product Identifiers and Part Numbers

Keep track of key data points such as UPC, UNSPSC, OEM part numbers and competitor item numbers. Index aftermarket and alternative part numbers with predictive search to serve results for all permutations.

Digital Asset Management

Warehouse and append assets such as installation instructions, user manuals and data sheets in the same system. Empower your customers to source and use digital assets from a worldwide content delivery network (CDN).

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